Manufacturing and Technology Centre (MTC)
Whitby, Ontario

Angela Holland, Quality Control Technician, MTC: I had a head injury ten years ago. I was in a car accident. So I’ve got a brain injury, and it’s basically short-term memory.

I’d been out of work for a couple of years, and I was struggling. The head injury referred me to Northern Lights and they helped me get this position here.

Cheryl Cove, Northern Lights Canada: We’re one of a number of service providers in Durham Region that provide employment supports for ODSP clients.

Angela was an ODSP client that was interested in returning to work.

Here at MTC, they were looking for hiring some clients that perhaps had challenges to employment, and it was a really good fit for Angela.

We make a real effort to find that real fit.

One of the incentives we offer is job coaching.

An employer really likes that support. They’re willing to hire somebody with challenges but they maybe don’t have the manpower to be able to, you know, spend the time with that client that just needs that little bit of extra help. Eventually they’ll learn the job and be very capable, but in those learning stages they just need someone to support them, so we offer that for the employer.

We don’t just sort of employ them and then cut them lose. Every month we’re calling and just touching base with them.

One of the first things I heard after she sort of had learned the job, was that she was working so quickly that she was not only meeting the quota but surpassing it. So I was hearing really good things.

Kim Fulcher, Supervisor, MTC: Angela’s a great employee. She does everything that is asked of her. And she goes above and beyond in every task.

I have learned a lot about myself through having Angela here. She’s just, she’s an amazing person.

Angela: Sometimes there’s roadblocks, and sometimes it’s not as easy to know exactly how to present yourself because of your disability.

So, I think it’s good to have that help. And especially Northern Lights, that’s what they helped me with.

The experience here has been really great for me.

Well it’s boosted my confidence in myself, especially because of the head injury. You know, it makes me feel more adequate and more productive.

I love it here, yeah. I’m very happy.