Mainly Clothes
North Bay, Ontario

Probably size 14, darker colour.

Jennifer Vachon, Employee, Mainly Clothes: Jennifer was hired by Mainly Clothes through Yes! Employment Services, an Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports service provider. Jennifer has Treacher Collins Syndrome.



Rosanne Boissoneault, Owner, Mainly Clothes: Jennifer was the first person that I had worked with from the Yes! Employment. So they contacted me and asked me if I would do a placement with her to do some training, which I agreed to. She came in, we clicked right away.

Yes! Employment found me this job. And I’ve worked with Rosanne for three years, and she’s nice and sweet.

Macrina Perron, Employment Counsellor, Yes! Employment Services: I’m Macrina Perron and I work for Yes! Employment Services as an employment counsellor. We’re a service provider for the ODSP Employment Supports program.

We sit down with people like Jen, people with disabilities that are looking to join the workforce in some way. And just see where those interests and abilities line up in the market and in our community.

One of the more common things that we can do in almost any case is job coaching to sort of ease the transition from brand new employee to fully-trained, contributing member of the staff.

I put tags in and I hang-up clothes. I’m a cashier, I go on the computer then I look through bags.

Within weeks, she was doing the same work as all the rest of the staff. She progressed extremely fast.

I thought I would be helping Jennifer. But at the end, she was one that helped us. At the same time, she showed us how to be calm, she showed us how to simplify things, brought lots of fun in with the staff.

So it was … as much as I thought I was going to help her, she helped me.

A lot of employers are pleasantly surprised when they see what they get by just opening their door and giving some of these people a chance.