Katie Iampietro
Host Family Program, Community Living Burlington

The Host Family program allows a family to invite an individual with a developmental disability into their home.

It’s to promote a typical family lifestyle to someone with a developmental disability who may not have had that.

Linda Matthews
Host Family Provider

When Steven came to live with me, he didn’t really socialize a lot in his early years.

And over time, we just practiced what it was to say “hello” and what to expect when you say that.

Tyler was ready for a change in his lifestyle, and Steven by that time was very engaging and they, they shared that common affection right away.

Tyler Schieren and Steven Fyfe-Mitchell

We do a lot of stuff together.

We like to, we like to laugh a lot. Yeah we do.

Linda takes care of us every day.

Sometimes Linda helps me with clothes; how to fold the pants properly.

And she helps me to make my bed and keeps things clean.

She’s taught me how to make pancakes, pizza and grill cheese.

I write her a note.

“Dear Linda, this is from Steven, to say I love you.”

They have friends, far-reaching friends now. Their world is getting bigger, you know. And they’re doing that now on their own.

To be a host family, for a lot of people, they think “Oh, I couldn’t do that”.

I say challenge yourself, and you’d be surprised of what happens when you do.

Because you find more out about yourself and what we’re capable of doing in our world.

It’s probably been, besides having my son, the very best thing that’s ever happened in my life.

I was meant to be where I am today because of these two lads.

Because you learn every day about what life is really about.