Congratulations to these 38 communities/organizations whose projects were selected for Phase II of the Ministry of Community and Social Services Employment Modernization Fund.

Region for Lead Agency Lead Agency Project Name Project Description
Central Community Living Cambridge Community Engagement Strategy Through this project the agency will identify and develop employer champions within the community. This will involve an awareness campaign for businesses followed by targeted outreach. The agency will also provide supports and coaching for champion organizations and follow-up with job development where employers are ready to hire.
Central Simcoe Habilitation Services Inc. Feasibility Pilot Study of Enhanced Community Integration Simcoe Habilitation Service’s project involves working with partners to study the use of add-on self-driving wheelchair technology for people with developmental disabilities’ existing wheelchairs. The project intends to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology in enabling greater mobility, inclusion and community-based participation such as employment and social interactions.
Central Community Living Dufferin Community First The agency will be transitioning away from a sheltered workshop by exploring and developing community-based recreation, learning and volunteering opportunities. They will engage with organizations and members of the community to develop inclusive opportunities based on the interests and choices of the people they support.
Central Community Living York South Outcome Employment Project This project involves developing an employment program to support individuals whose first language is not English. The project will provide individuals the opportunity to participate in a job readiness program, develop job search skills and seek employment in York Region.
Central K-W Habilitation Services Career Compass KW This project involves enhancing the agency's employment supports by replicating the successful employment model developed by Community Living Essex County. In addition to this, the agency will also develop cross-sector partnerships with local educational institutions (e.g., school to work transition programs) and employers in the area..
Central Community Living North Halton Volunteer Network Development This project will support the agency's shift away from a sheltered workshop by developing a community volunteer network. The agency will develop relationships with local charitable and non-profit organizations, identify volunteer opportunities and identify potential candidates for those opportunities. The agency will also aim to develop mentors (natural supports) within the partner organizations to support the volunteers.
Central Community Living Burlington The Halton Modernization Initiative Four agencies currently serving the Halton area are seeking to improve their capacity to serve their respective communities by increasing the linkages between their respective organizations. The project involves determining what functions common to all agencies can be consolidated and enhanced. The focus of the initiative is to investigate how to build service capacity, both individually within each agency and across Halton region as a whole. The project may form a model for greater collaboration and service delivery integration between local agencies.
Central Community Living Guelph Wellington Transition - Community Connections This project involves transitioning away from a sheltered workshop towards individualized plans for community participation and employment. Employment placement and supports will be provided in collaboration with local employment services agencies.
East Lanark County Developmental Support Services It Ain't Rocket Science Six organizations in Lanark County with Extend-A-Family Kingston plan to collaborate to offer workshops, information and resources for promoting self-determination and community participation enabled by using available technologies. The project plans to include people with developmental disabilities and their families and caregivers, teachers and school support staff, occupational therapists, other healthcare professionals and other developmental services organizations.
East Peterborough Communication Support Systems ASL Supports This project will address the need to provide American Sign Language resources to people with developmental disabilities who are deaf, to support them in competitive employment and participation in the broader community.
East Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley Valley Housing Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley’s project will enable three seniors to live in a newly constructed integrated community senior residential site. The project will support greater participation in community senior’s activities as well as the use of generic transportation available to other seniors. Additionally, three people will move from agency housing to a newly renovated inclusive building in Pembroke and three others will benefit from a newly built rental arrangements in a barrier free, accessible triplex, using the intentional neighbour concept for overnight support.
East Citizen Advocacy Ottawa Transformation to Person-Centred Practices Collaborative proposal from the Ottawa Developmental Services Network to transition agencies to become person-centred organizations through training for staff and leaders on assets-based, person-centred, and community-focused outcomes.
East Community Living Glengarry Together Building Brighter Futures The project will develop a model for supported community participation in rural communities, as part of the agency's transition away from its sheltered workshop. The agency is looking to develop a widely applicable model and potential tool-kit for supported community participation in rural and remote areas across Ontario.
East Community Living Lennox & Addington Employment Options Plus (EOP) The agency is in the process of shifting from a sheltered workshop model and is looking to enhance collaboration with other community partners to increase the opportunities for employment in the county of Lennox & Addington.
East Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPDD) From Workshop to Workplaces The agency will undertake a project to support its transition from sheltered workshops. People, through a person directed planning process, would be supported to find competitive employment in areas of their interests and skills. Those who prefer to work part-time or choose not to work would be assisted in finding inclusive and meaningful volunteer experiences matching areas of their interests.
North Community Living Parry Sound Home of their Own Community Living Parry Sound will undertake a multi-pillared approach to supporting people with developmental disabilities to move out of segregated housing into a home of their own choice in their community. The project aims to demonstrate that people with complex needs can thrive in a non-segregated home in their community through person-centred direct planning, person-centered facilitation, utilizing technology and fostering natural support networks. It is intended that five people, all of whom have dual diagnosis and have lived many years in segregated housing, will move into homes of their own choice.
North Community Living Temiskaming South Temiskaming Employment and Mentoring Service (TEAMS) This project will help the agency transition from its sheltered workshop to community-based programming and supports. The project will include shifting organization culture to include more individualized and person-centred approaches. The initiative intends to enable agency staff to identify more available services and supports and develop partnerships with other organizations and employers to support community-based participation.
North Community Living Thunder Bay Pathway Towards Inclusion The agency will transition away from a sheltered workshop to community based activities such as employment, volunteering and other forms of community participation. The project also involves developing a city-wide community employment campaign to engage employers in conjunction with other service providers and people supported through the agency.
North Community Living North Bay Employment First Supports This project involves collaboration between six agencies in Northern Ontario to improve employment outcomes for individuals graduating from high school and college, or participating in day programs. This will involve training agency staff and collaboration between the agencies to implement a pre-employment training model and support people to obtain summer or part-time employment.
North Kenora Association for Community Living Collaborations to Promote Youth Employment This project involves collaboration with two Kenora high schools, local businesses, parents, and an isolated northern reserve, to enable young adults and transitional age youth to pursue real work for real pay in mainstream workplaces, through co-op placements and summer employment.
Toronto Addus Employment Readiness In partnership with another organization, the agency is looking to make employment-related certification courses (CPR, food handling, etc.) more accessible for people with a developmental disability..
Toronto Aptus Treatment Centre Youth and Adults - Employment Now! This project is part of the agency's transformation from a sheltered workplace to an employment services hub supporting employment for adults and transition-aged youth. Aptus staff will be trained to lead pre-employment programs, do employment outreach, and provide employment supports..
Central Vita Community Services Nuts and Bolts of Health Care Vita Community Services, with its project partners, will undertake a project to modify and develop tools to assist direct support professionals in understanding the health care needs of the adults they support and help people with developmental disabilities to navigate and interact with the health care system. The purpose of this project is to increase staff knowledge about common health conditions and health care needs of adults with developmental disabilities and the types of health care services they commonly use. This is intended to increase the capacity of staff to help prepare people for health care visits and interact with health care providers.
Toronto Christian Horizons College Education Partnerships The project looks to build upon the culinary skills initiative with Humber College and replicate this approach in other colleges. Christian Horizons and Humber College will work together to support colleges in developing new model curriculums for the CICE program that are individualized and focus on career specific education versus the current general education model of the program.
Toronto Corbrook Transition to the Community This project will support the agency to transition away from its sheltered workshop by taking a person-centred approach and identifying supports based on individual choice, whether it is employment in mainstream workplaces or participation in community-based activities
Toronto Surrey Place On-line Navigation Guide Surrey Place, with its project partners, will develop an on-line navigation guide for accessing and using individualized funds provided to adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario. The guide is intended to be useful to service users, their families/support networks, and agencies. It will provide information on aspects of processes surrounding the access and use of individualized funds such as, applying, service planning, managing budgets, developing or accessing individualized services and supports, and hiring and managing staff.
Toronto Reena Successful Aging Reena, in partnership with several organizations, will update a transition guide for seniors with developmental disabilities and undertake a demonstration project that uses research from Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (HCARDD) on frailty to test HCARDD’s Frailty Index. Then, a support team will be created to coordinate access to services t. enable seniors to age at home for as long as possible, support transition planning when age related decline presents risks for remaining in their housing and identify individuals living in Long Term Care homes who have no connection to developmental services. The project will also link people to services and supports including housing in Long Term Care homes when appropriate.
Toronto Community Living Toronto Travel Training Community Living Toronto will lead the development of a travel training program for people with developmental disabilities. The project involves developing in-class and online training of pedestrian safety and orientation to transit use. Then, individuals will participate in field training to learn transit routes. The development of a smart phone application is also planned to provide audio and visual prompts to train people and coach them during their transit trips to reach their destinations.
West Community Living Walkerton & District Enhancing Employment Outcomes in Grey Bruce This project is a partnership of five agencies in the Grey Bruce Region to facilitate a training program for managers and front line staff related to employer outreach and engagement, and the subsequent implementation of the new models and resources from the training.
West Community Living Six Nations "Ronatahskats" Pre-Employment Training & Placement The agency will enhance its existing employment program through staff training and developing a pre-employment program. They will collaborate with a local employment support agency and community employers for training and job opportunities..
West Community Living Kincardine & District Jobs Discovery - Experience for Life This project will support young adults (ages 18-29) with developmental disabilities to increase their employability and work towards obtaining employment within mainstream workplaces. This will include partnering with the local high school to enhance pre-employment skill development and expand work experiences through experiential learning such as co-op placements.
West Community Living Central Huron Pathway to Employment Success The agency will partner with other organizations to provide job coaching and training to students and adults with a developmental disability in the Central Huron area. The partners will develop and share an employment bank and collectively match students to placements..
West Goodwill Industries - Essex Kent Lambton Goodwill Connections This project will support the agency in providing services through a person-directed model, and help them transition from agency-based supports to settings within the community.
West Quad County Support Services Transitional Supports This project will support the agency's transition from a sheltered workshop program towards an individualized model of supports in the areas of employment, volunteering and leisure..
West Community Living Haldimand Bridges to Independence Community Living Haldimand will develop, implement and test a short-term housing model designed to bridge transitional age youth to independent living in the community using 'supported risk-taking' practices and strategies. Supported risk-taking is intended to enable staff to support individuals in experiencing learning through natural consequences and modulated intervention without the person experiencing significant danger while providing the opportunity to develop critical life skills.
West Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living From Connectivity to Inclusion Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living will transform and modernize its day programming supports through a two pronged approach. A Community Development Coordinator will connect with community partners and build upon and improve systems, mechanisms and infrastructure to create greater opportunities and capacity for inclusion. A Community Activations Coordinator will also be hired to coordinate and support people to transition from current site-based day supports to community-based activities based on their interests.
West Niagara Training & Employment Agency Employment Services Transformation The agency is planning to transform its employment services program to address local needs and gaps in service. They will also launch a summer employment initiative for young adults ages 18-21 from the local school boards to assist with the transition from school to the labour market.
West Bethesda Pathways to Employment In collaboration with an employment supports provider, the agency will add a pre-employment stream as part of their day program modernization activities, creating a formal pathway for individuals to transition to employment supports. This project will also involve developing a series of workshops for individuals who are hesitant to consider employment.