Congratulations to these 47 communities/organizations whose projects were selected for Phase III of the Ministry of Community and Social Services Employment Modernization Fund.

Modernization Stream

Region Agency Name Project Name Project Description
Central CL Guelph Wellington Habitat Partnership The Habitat/CLGW Partnership project will successfully support people with developmental disabilities to move out of segregated housing into an inclusive, affordable and accessible environment in the community.
Central CL York South Creative Alternative Toolkit CL York South will create a guide/toolkit that will assist families in creating program options that are tailor made for their adult children with an intellectual disability. CLYS will also provide mentorship opportunities to other agencies, which will provide a foundation the community can build on.
Central CL Central York Aging Creatively In Community Community Living Central York (CLCY) will implement a two phase enhancement to day programming for older adults with developmental disabilities in the Keswick and Newmarket areas to take the pressure off current wait lists. They will create a state of the art adult day program that supports aging adults with cognitive and intellectual disabilities and trauma histories that could be replicated in other areas of the province.
Central CL North Halton The Community Oak Park This initiative will assist people who have a disability to live in their home community, share their home with people they choose, and receive the right level of support to meet their individual needs. As an alternative to group homes, people will live in their own homes where natural community supports will enhance a decreased level of funded support.
Central Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region Building Welcome, Belonging & Participation in Community Spaces Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region will discover ways in which “welcome, belonging and participation” can happen and be established in general public/community places and amenities, and to produce a best practice and resource package for general public places to use. 
Central Hopewell Children's Homes Inc. Project ParaShift The proposal is intends to fill the current program gaps for families and agencies and to provide long-term sustainable infrastructure supports to the DS sector.
Central Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences Coordinated Flexible Integrated Mobile Team The goal is to form a specialized mobile team that will provide timely, intensive, flexible mobile support for those who are eligible for Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) and currently accessing personal support through the CLHIN.
Central CL Mississauga Transforming Day Supports CL Mississauga will develop inclusive and individualized day options for people who have an intellectual disability and who require a higher level of support. A personal profile, engagement and action plan will be developed for each person. The information will also be used to support the transition from school to community participation after graduation.
Central York Support Services Network Family engagement project Project will provide one to one support to caregivers by another caregiver to increase coping and resilience as a proactive support to help with crisis prevention, feelings of adequacy in caring for their relative and wellbeing.
East Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc Formal Shared Services Model Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc will procure a consultant to research, evaluate and recommend an appropriate shared services model for the three organizations, including the opportunity for it to be replicated across the sector and/or scalable to include other non-profits and/or private businesses. The three models to be explored will be: shared services, outsourced services or a customized hybrid model of shared and outsourced.
East CL Dundas County Collaborating Towards Meaningful Relationships CL Dundas County will build capacity and connections within a rural community to advance employment, volunteer opportunities and meaningful activities. It will further develop capacity and connections within CLDC and the community at large to include and engage individuals in resources and other community based opportunities that are meaningful to the person supported.
East Counselling and Support Services of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry SD&G Transformation Action Plan This amalgamation proposal will provide for a fully bilingual, consistent service delivery model of Case Management services for children and adults, matching the model used by Case Management agencies across the former Eastern Region. It would also provide a full complement of MCSS and MCYS developmental services under one Agency. 
East Citizen Advocacy Ottawa Seeding Innovation Citizen Advocacy Ottawa will develop and deliver an extensive series of free, knowledge-transfer workshops and conferences, in both official languages, across the Upper Eastern Region. The project goal is to raise the resilience of adults with developmental disabilities, their families and the developmental sector staff across the Upper Eastern Region to support independent, safe and person-directed lives in community, utilizing not only traditional developmental sector models but also expertise and support from within the community.
East CL Trent Highlands Respite Now The purpose of the project is to hire an HKPR Respite Facilitator for a 2-year period to act as a resource and liaison for families, agencies, and Crisis and Urgent Response Teams. This  facilitator will act as a single point of contact for families seeking respite and service providers.
North CL Algoma Enhancing Leadership Capacity CL Algoma will implement a customized leadership development and capacity building project focused in the areas of leadership development and capacity building with specific reference to the Developmental Services Human Resources Strategy Level 5 Core Leadership Competencies, enhancing leadership capacity building and providing growth and development opportunities for emerging leaders within our respective organizations.
North CL Parry Sound A Life Outside of Services: Changing the Conversation CL Parry Sound will deliver information and knowledge transfer which will change the conversation local families are having. They will offer person-directed planning and facilitation to early adopters, which is Community First focussed and neutral, and will construct a community map of services, places, and people that will be made available to citizens of Parry Sound for easy access to a ‘typical’ life in their community.
North Lutheran Community Care Centre Mobile Integrated Team The project is a Mobile Integrated Team (MIT) which is a partnership between local Adult Developmental Service Agencies who will deliver an innovative and non-traditional model of direct support that is flexible, mobile and responsive to people confirmed eligible for adult developmental services. This team will directly support adults with multi-sector complex needs who are at risk and most vulnerable in our community.
North CL Thunder Bay (no name) This project will build stronger linkages and partnerships with other sectors to make services and supports more responsive to the needs of individuals and families, with a particular focus on indigenous peoples with developmental disabilities.
Toronto Geneva Centre for Autism Best Practices Web Portal Geneva Centre for Autism will enhance their web-based tool ( to allow secured access of information sharing of Best Practices to be used not only within the Toronto region but throughout the province through the Provincial Respite Services Network. This enhancement will allow for continued collaboration across agencies and regions throughout Ontario and meet the needs of sharing documents and resources to support individuals, families/caregivers and staff.
Toronto Reena Agency Project Reena will complete a three phase project to assess integration of services to ensure all families continue to receive excellent service.
Toronto L'Arche Toronto Try It on For Size L'Arche Toronto will develop and implement a model of support project called TIFS (Try It on For Size), which will help individuals with intellectual disabilities gain experience living independently so that they can prepare themselves to move into a place of their own one day and/or create more independence in their current living situation.
West Hutton House Skills4Life Hutton House will train others in a new approach using ABA principles and thus assist individuals to find their place in community. Additionally, knowledge of this program will assist in the development of another program offering of the CICE program at Fanshawe College through Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development for those with higher support needs.
West CL Middlesex Life in Community CML will work with cross-sector partners  to creative problem-solve, co-design and implement a plan that has the community opening new doors and widening the entry of others to welcome people with developmental disabilities and other marginalized people to actively ‘live in community,’ not in service.  This will increase its capacity, and build community capacity, to support people with developmental disabilities to live a good life in community.
West CL Port Colborne - Wainfleet Transitioning into Community The project will focus on transitional aged youth to develop skills in preparation for independent living, by accessing existing services within the community.
West Family Counselling Centre of Brant Community Life Project involves transforming and modernizing Family Counselling Centre of Brant, Respite Services and enhancing Case Management (APSW) program. The goal of the project is to change services to be more inclusive and community based.
West St. Catharines Mainstream Non-Profit Housing Project Strategic Alliance: A Strategy for a Sustainable Future  Project will engage two organizations, St.Catharines Mainstream Non Profit Housing Project (Mainstream) and Gateway Residential and Community Support Services of Niagara Inc. (Gateway), in a cross-sector shared services integration process.


Employment Stream

Region Agency Name Project Name Project Description
Central CL Cambridge Business Accelerator Center This project proposes to develop a “business accelerator” center that will support individuals with developmental disabilities in achieving their entrepreneurial goals. The center will provide assistance with feasibility/profitability analyses, business plans, marketing, and back office functions.
Central CL Burlington Burlington Volunteers The agency will help people integrate in the community by supporting them to access existing community-based activities such as volunteering and literacy development. Natural supports, volunteer relationships, and mentorship opportunities will be developed in each new volunteer position in order to promote full inclusion and independence.
East Participation House Durham Career Compass Participation House Participation House will transform their employment supports program by replicating and building upon the successful model developed by Community Living Essex County in Phase 1 of the EMF. To support this new model the agency will also develop and foster cross-sector partnerships with local educational institutions and employers.
East CL North Grenville Summer Jobs Program Community Living North Grenville will implement the award-winning Summer Employment Transition Toolkit developed by Community Living Sarnia-Lambton (in Phase 1 of the EMF) along with staff training, to develop a summer jobs program. The agency will collaborate with local schools as well as another employment services provider to support employment opportunities for youth with developmental disabilities.
East CL West Northumberland Employment Excellence in Four Counties Community Living-West Northumberland will partner with Community Living Trent Highlands to share resources, train staff and coordinate supports to ensure better consistency across the areas served by the two agencies. They will train staff in best practice models in employment supports,  work with the local schoolboards to provide employment transition planning for youth and collaborate with other sectors for wrap-around supports.

East CL Prince Edward Opportunities: Community Employment Supports Community Living Prince Edward will build upon the success of its collaborative youth transition program, to develop a model to be replicated within other schools, developmental services agencies as well as other sectors such as mental health.  The agency will develop a train-the-trainer guide to help build capacity within agencies and the school system to increase the number of students positioned for success in attaining employment as well as post-secondary education, volunteerism and other civic roles in their communities.
East Peterborough Communication Support Systems ASL Curriculum & Tools The agency will build on its previous work on developing employment training and resources in American Sign Language by adapting the JobPath toolkit which is recognized as a best practice across the sector. The agency will work with Community Living Sarnia-Lambton to make the toolkit accessible to those with communication barriers (e.g. hard of hearing, deaf), and will also develop a library of American Sign Language tools using the AVAIL app to provide on the job supports.

East Christian Horizons Business & Career Development Christian Horizons will partner with a local college and school board to deliver a career sampler program for high school students (18+), supporting exploration of career options and hands on learning in various fields. The agency will also host business engagement events to develop employment opportunities and train its staff to ensure the quality and effectiveness of employment support.
East Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement Family Lens for Inclusive Employment (FLIE) This project will gather relevant data on employment barriers for people with a developmental disability from the perspective of families and self-advocates. This project will connect with families from across the province, analyzing successful and unsuccessful experiences and strategies, creating new knowledge and resources to share, and advocating for innovative, evidence-based practices. 
East Innovative Community Support Services Opportunities: Community Employment Supports Innovative Community Support Services (ICSS) will increase the focus on competitive employment within their existing programs and begin moving towards community-based supported employment approaches in partnership with March of Dimes Canada. The two organizations will pool their resources and expertise to support better employment outcomes for people with developmental disabilities, including knowledge transfer and training for staff.
East LiveWorkPlay LiveWorkPlay Employment Task Force This project will expand and replicate LiveWorkPlay’s  employer engagement strategy, based on a business-to-business model, to encourage new employers to hire people with developmental disabilities. The agency will develop an Employment Task Force Replication Toolkit to be shared across the sector to help other agencies adopt this successful approach.
East CL Kingston & District Options for Employment This project will guide the transformation of worker-led cooperatives into more inclusive, regular wage paying enterprises. It will also ensure that every person who has aspirations for regular competitive employment or other forms of community inclusion will have that opportunity.
East CL Ajax-Pickering and Whitby Enhancing Volunteerism: Enhancing Quality of Life This project will establish a volunteer network to create community-based volunteer opportunities for people based on goals established through person-centred planning. In addition, volunteers will also be engaged to foster natural supports for people in the community.
North CL West Nipissing Employment First (French) Community Living West Nipissing will translate the JobPath toolkit into French and implement it as part of their employment supports program to provide job readiness training and work experience for francophone adults with intellectual disabilities.  They will also support agencies throughout the province in adapting and implementing the francophone version of the jobPath toolkit in their agencies.
North CL Fort Frances and District CORE – Creating Opportunities Regionally for Employment The intent of the CORE project is to increase the capacity of transition planning and greater community participation outcomes focusing on employment for students with a developmental disability currently in the education system.
North Northern Vocational Services Promoting Diffabilities Northern Vocational Services will work with high schools to support youth with developmental disabilities through their evolution from being a student, to finding co-op placements, to obtaining competitive employment.
Toronto Meta Centre SEEN (Seeking Education, Employment and Networking) Meta Centre will collaborate with a mainstream employment supports provider to provide pre-employment workshops, employability skill sessions and job coaching support services in a number of locations in the Greater Toronto Area to improve employment prospects and supports for individuals with a developmental disability.
West CL Essex County eVantage Community Living Essex County will work with four other partners from different parts of the province to investigate, implement and test a comprehensive technology solution to employment service delivery that will build capacity and improve effectiveness, enable job coaching in a virtual setting, implement task retention tools, and provide rich data to assess workplace performance, resulting in more people served.
West CL London E3: Employment First. Employment Ready. Employment for All Community Living London will collaborate with the local Developmental Services Ontario office to offer a pre-employment training program to individuals waiting for developmental services and supports. This project will introduce employment as a viable option and will aim to improve job readiness and long-term prospects for people who decide to pursue this training.
West Niagara Training & Employment Agency Community Connecting Niagara Training & Employment Agency will support individuals transitioning away from its sheltered workshop by facilitating individualized, community-based volunteer opportunities for them.
West CL Chatham Kent School Days to Pay Days Community Living Chatham-Kent, in partnership with local school boards, will provide employment supports to transition-aged youth with a developmental disability. This project will help youth acquire a co-op placement in the agricultural sector, to help them gain job experience and develop job-readiness skills, with the goal of securing employment upon graduation.