Together, we can
help your employees
support their families.

Information for employers

Employers and other income sources play an important role in helping us enforce court-ordered family support payments.


When you receive a Support Deduction Notice, you have 14 days to set up the deductions in your payroll system.

What do I do if …

How do I …

  • calculate how much I deduct?
  • send a payment to FRO?
  • deduct support payments from my employee?
  • tell FRO about my employee’s other sources of income?

What …

  • are my legal responsibilities?
  • is a support deduction notice?
  • can I tell other people about the employee's garnishment or support payments?

When do I …

  • have to contact FRO?
  • start sending payments?
  • stop sending payments?
  • have to speak with the employee about the deductions?