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Information for lawyers

When changing support orders, start the new support accrual on the same day of the month or week as the prior order.


Support orders should specify the amount that will be payable for any remaining children if one child's support will end before the others.

How do I …

  • serve FRO and when?
  • remove a writ?
  • confirm that my client is not the person identified as owing support arrears during a property sale?
  • find out if support is assigned to a social assistance delivery agency?
  • find the FRO forms that I need?

What should I do if my client …

  • lives outside of Ontario (or the other party does)?
  • wants to stop support payments?
  • wants to withdraw his or her case?
  • receives a notice of default hearing?
  • receives a notice of driver’s licence suspension?
  • falls behind on payments?

Can FRO …

  • change a support order or payment amount?
  • help with child custody and access issues?
  • take enforcement action against or on behalf of my client?
  • continue enforcement action after the support order has ended?

What …

  • can FRO do or not do?
  • special expenses are not enforceable?
  • legislation does FRO operate under?
  • kind of enforcement action can FRO take?
  • should I know before drafting or changing a support order?