A lot is riding
on your support.

Information for people paying support

We know you want to do the right thing and support your family. We're here to help you meet your responsibilities.


Tell us within 10 days of any changes to your name, address or source of income (e.g., your job).

How do I …

  • make a payment?
  • find out the status of my case?
  • get information on child custody and access?
  • change my support order, end support or lower my payment?
  • withdraw my case from FRO?
  • find a lawyer?
  • arrange to pay support arrears?
  • serve court documents on FRO and when?

When do I …

  • start paying support?
  • stop paying support?
  • need to contact FRO?
  • need to go back to court?

What should I do if …

  • I’m moving or my contact information changes?
  • I want to pay the support recipient directly?
  • I change jobs or lose my job?
  • my child's circumstances change?
  • the recipient dies?
  • I receive a notice of default hearing?
  • FRO takes enforcement action against me?
  • I lost, forgot or need to change my PIN?
  • I want to keep my driver’s licence?

What happens if I …

  • fall behind on payments?
  • leave Ontario, don’t live in Ontario or the other person doesn’t live in Ontario?
  • am a status Indian or I live on a First Nations reserve?
  • get married or change my name?
  • declare bankruptcy?
  • miss a court date or get arrested for not appearing in court?