Support means
a lot to your family.
We're here to help.

Information for people receiving support

We know your family support payments are important to you. We're here to help you get them.


We do not have the authority to become involved in child custody or access issues. Visit the Ministry of the Attorney General’s website for information.

How do I …

  • ask FRO to take enforcement action against the payor?
  • complete a Statement of Arrears?
  • find out the status of my case?
  • change my support order, end support or increase my payment?
  • collect interest on late payments?
  • get information on child custody and access?
  • find a lawyer?
  • withdraw my case from FRO?
  • serve court documents on FRO and when?

What should I do if …

  • my child’s circumstances change?
  • lost, forgot, need to change my PIN?
  • my payment is late or I stop receiving payments?
  • I get a payment directly from the payor?
  • I have new information about the payor?
  • I’m moving or my contact information changes?
  • the payor dies?
  • the payor declares bankruptcy?

What happens if I …

  • am a status Indian or I live on a First Nations reserve?
  • leave Ontario, don’t live in Ontario or the other person doesn’t live in Ontario?

When will I …

  • need to go back to court?
  • need to contact FRO?
  • receive my support payment?