If you left Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Income Support, but need to come back for financial help, you may be eligible for rapid reinstatement.

Rapid reinstatement makes it faster and easier for you to start receiving ODSP Income Support again without having to go through disability adjudication.

Who can get rapid reinstatement

To get rapid reinstatement, you need to:

  • qualify financially and meet all other eligibility requirements for ODSP Income Support
  • be a former ODSP recipient, including:
    • people who were grandparented from the former Family Benefits Allowance (FBA) program
    • people who were adjudicated and DO NOT have a medical review date
    • people who were adjudicated and given a medical review date - you will still have to have a medical review of your disability, but you will be able to come back and receive income support first

It does not matter why you left ODSP, when you left ODSP or the length of time you’ve been off of ODSP.

You already had a medical review

If you had a medical review that determined that you no longer qualify for ODSP Income Support, you are NOT eligible for rapid reinstatement.

How to get rapid reinstatement and more information

To get rapid reinstatement and/or more information about it, please contact your local ODSP office.

When you are not eligible for rapid reinstatement

If you are not eligible for rapid reinstatement, you will need to apply for Income Support and have your disability adjudicated to return to ODSP.

If you are in immediate financial need, you can contact your local Ontario Works office for assistance.

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