Going to see my doctor

ODSP can help you pay for your travel costs to go to medical appointments.

You need to tell your caseworker that you would like help paying for your travel costs before your medical appointment. Your caseworker will let you know if they can be covered.

What kind of travel costs can ODSP help pay for?

ODSP can help pay for your:

  • driving costs (such as mileage)
  • bus fare
  • taxi fare
  • train ticket, and
  • meals and accommodation if you need to travel out of town.

You need to find the most economical way to get to your appointment that your doctor, or other health care professional, recommends you use.

What kind of appointments can I get help getting to?

ODSP can help you and your family pay for trips to:

  • a doctor
  • a chiropractor
  • an optometrist
  • a dentist
  • a physiotherapist
  • a psychologist, and
  • some types of drug or alcohol recovery groups.

We may be able to pay for your travel costs to go to other types of medical appointments. Talk to your ODSP caseworker to learn more.

How can I get this help?

To be eligible, you need to:

  • be receiving ODSP income support, and
  • spend $15 or more in a month on travel to medical appointments.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tell your caseworker about your appointment(s), and ask for a Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit Request form.
  2. Ask your family doctor or other health care professional to fill out the form.
  3. Once the form is filled out, fax the form or provide a copy to your local ODSP office either in person or by mail.

We will review your form and send you a letter to let you know if ODSP will help pay for your medical travel costs.

Which health care professionals can fill out the Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit Request form?

  • Physicians
  • Nurses in the Extended Class (Nurse Practitioners), and
  • Psychologists (for addiction-related treatment only).

You should not pay a fee to have the form filled out. The Ministry of Community and Social Services pays for the cost of filling out the form.

The application form tells the health care professional how to get paid for filling out the form.

What if I need emergency medical care and spend my own money to get there?

If you have a medical emergency and have to pay to get there yourself, ODSP may be able to give you some, or all of your money back.

Keep your receipts and show them to your caseworker. Your caseworker will let you know if ODSP will be able to help.

Don’t agree with a decision?

You can ask for an internal review. Someone at ODSP will review a specific decision that affects your ODSP. The review will make sure the decision followed ODSP rules.

You must ask your ODSP office for an internal review within 30 days of when you received the decision.

Need more information?

For more information, please contact your caseworker at your local ODSP office.

To find contact information for your local office and learn more about ODSP visit: ontario.ca/socialassistance.

For general questions, please call ServiceOntario at:

Telephone: 1-888-789-4199
Teletypewriter (TTY):1-800-387-5559