I am in financial need and cannot find work. Can Ontario Works help me find and keep a job?

Yes. Ontario Works offers you practical help finding a job. We know that different people have different needs - that's why Ontario Works has a number of ways to help you.

If you qualify, we can provide you with a variety of services to help you find a job, such as :

  • workshops on looking for work, résumé writing, and preparing for an interview
  • referrals to job counselling or training programs
  • information on who's hiring
  • access to basic education
  • access to telephones, faxes, computers and job banks.

You will also have access to a range of employment assistance activities including:

  • Education Programs
  • Job Specific Skills Training
  • Literacy Screening and Training
  • Learning, Earning and Parenting
  • Employment Placements
  • Community Placements.

In addition, benefits are available to help you with the costs of getting a job, being in an employment activity, or leaving Ontario Works for employment.